Your resource for creating a retention-rich organization culture that attracts, engages and builds lasting loyalty among today’s most talented employees.


What sets Employee Retention Strategies apart is a steadfast philosophy that:

  • Uses only research-based, theory-supported approaches to improving employee engagement. Avoided are gimmicks such as employee of the month, suggestion boxes, prizes or other “carrots.” While commonly used, these short-term fixes fail to produce genuine employee loyalty (more than 60 years’ of research tells us so!).
  • Employs an easy-to-understand systems approach to ensure the root causes of turnover are addressed and the potential for lasting change unleashed.
  • Customizes all activities to your organization’s unique history, current practices and strategic objectives. Also considered are challenges unique to your industry sector, competitive marketplace issues and talent shortages.
  • Involves those responsible for implementing change in actually creating the change, ensuring input and improved shared understanding and support of all initiatives.
  • Integrates hands-on, action-oriented approaches that enable organizations to move forward quickly and effectively
  • Recognizes the research-proven role of no-cost strategies in developing the “glue” that builds employee loyalty and commitment.
  • Brings to your organization leading-edge organization-development best practices to effectively and quickly build a retention-rich culture.

The Employee Retention Strategies newsletter, which gained this website the No. 1 positions on Google and Yahoo during its publication in the early part of this decade, was a nationally noted source for research-based, fact-driven guidance on enhancing employee retention. (Back issues still are available). From that research come approaches built on a solid foundation of what works (and what doesn’t) to gain the commitment of employees in all industries and economic sectors.

Added to this base are leading-edge organization-development methodologies to bring your organization’s strengths to the fore, to rekindle the dynamic potential of your company to meet today’s challenges and to rebuild workforce commitment to the heart of your organization’s mission.

Spend time reading the topics on this site. Understand more about what truly contributes to employee engagement and retention. Then, call for an individual discussion of your organization’s unique retention agenda.